Our terms and conditions

⦁ Only authorised members of public are allowed into our premises. Go Kids Go reserves the right to refuse entry, you may be asked to leave for noncompliance of the rules.
⦁ In the interest of safety management reserve the rights to refuse entry for individuals from groups, entire group or family for various reasons. 
⦁ Adults must remain on the premises and supervise the child/children under their care at all times.
⦁ During our Peak Periods the maximum stay is 2 hours and this may be managed with or without a colour coded wristband.
⦁ We provide free car park for 2 hours. However, if the play is extended for more than 2 hrs the car registration number must be recorded at the reception to avoid parking penalty ticket. We accept no liability for parking penalties.
⦁ All children of fee paying age and adults ( including carers) entering Go Kids Go must pay the entry fee, regardless of whether they will play or not.
⦁ We operate a no-refund policy after 10 minutes of admission. 

Your stay whilst you play!
⦁ Please inform us if your child has any sort of accident, however minor – one of our qualified first aiders can assess/attend to the injury.
⦁ Please inform a member of staff immediately should a child become lost in the adventure zone.
⦁ We accept no liability for the loss or damage to any valuables.
⦁ Children and adults must not run around the centre.
⦁ We have a zero-tolerance policy to all forms of anti-social behaviour. This includes: bullying, fighting, any form of aggressive, or any other type of behaviour deemed to be unsuitable towards Go Kids Go Staff, management, or other members of the public – from either children or adults. You may be asked to leave following non compliance and management reserve the right to enforce total bans.
⦁ You must not carry any sharp objects or weapons into our premises and it is forbidden to bring or consume alcohol or drugs, such items will be confiscated and you will be removed from the premises immediately. Where appropriate, we will contact the police.
⦁ Food & Drinks
⦁ Only food and drinks purchased at Go Kids Go can be consumed on the premises.
⦁ Waiting time for food during our peak periods can be over 45 minutes.
⦁ We keep eating areas separated from the play area for matters of health and safety. Food, drink, sweets and chewing gum are not allowed in close proximity of play equipment.
⦁ Health & Safety
⦁ In the interest of Health & Safety please ensure that children do not discard their food on the floor, any food debris fallen on the floor whilst eating must be removed immediately. Our staff members are available to provide additional help to maintain the hygiene of the centre.
⦁ In the interest of Health & Safety you must inform the management of any toiletry accidents, body fluids such as urine, vomit caused by children on play equipment.
⦁ We provide nappy changing facilities and nappy changes must be carried out in the designated area. Please ensure soiled nappies are placed in the bins provided.
⦁ Shoes must be worn at all time when using toilet facilities.
⦁ Play time at Go Kids Go
⦁ All play equipment is subject to availability. Management reserves the right to close an activity if required without prior notice. No refunds or deductions will be made.
⦁ Play equipments will be operated on an interval basis or alternatively.
⦁ All our play equipment will close 45 minutes before closing time.
⦁ All our play equipment is designed for maximum fun, and has passed stringent requirements regulated by the Play Inspector.We cannot therefore be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of playing on our equipment.
⦁ We have provided separate age appropriate zones, for everyone’s safety please adhere to all age and height restrictions.
⦁ Children who are unwell should not use the play facilities.
⦁ Children may be refused entry on play equipment if they are not wearing appropriate clothing or footwear, if they do not meet the height restriction, if they are unwell, wearing plaster cast or have sustained injuries.
⦁ Adults are not allowed on climbing apparatus. Adults are only allowed to help children if required on Go Karts, Lazer and Tangle Tower and must not use them for play.
⦁ Go Kids Go staff supervise the play equipment during operation to help maximise your children’s play experience, they are not however a replacement for parental supervision!
⦁ Soft Play
⦁ All under fives must be accompanied by an adult on the main play-frame. Children must not stand up, run up/down/on the slides. Do not play in front of or at the bottom of the slides. Children or adults must not run in the soft play area. It is forbidden to climb on the netted walls or the system structure. Balls must not be removed from the play areas. Balls or other objects must not be thrown.
⦁ Children and adults must remove shoes/footwear whilst in the play area(s). Both children and adults must wear socks at all times whilst on carpeted or in play area(s). We strongly recommend that anyone riding our slides wears clothing that covers all limbs and is not made with any nylon type fabric as this could lead to avoidable friction burns. Clothing with rope cords and toggles should not be worn in the play area. Children must remove spectacles (unless shatterproof), jewellery and any sharp objects, including badges, before entering the play area. It is also recommended to remove your hearing aids during play.

- contact:

we cab be contacted via email info@gokidsgo.co.uk for any enquiry, we will response to your query in 48 hours. 

We are pleased to provide this facility to all our valued customers. Whilst we have attempted to make it as safe as possible, the very nature of children’s play activity means accidents can occasional happen. We cannot therefore accept any responsibilities for injury to children or adults, damage, loss or theft to clothing or any other valuables while using our facilities or car park. Parental/carer supervision of children in your care is imperative.

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