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Kids Food Menu

GKG Chicken Platter                                                               £14.95

Curly Fries, Chips, Onion Rings, Potato Smiles, Chicken Nuggets,

Fish Fingers, Garlic bread (4 pcs each item)

GKG Veggie Platter                                                                  £14.95

Curly Fries, Chips, Onion Rings, Potato Smiles, Mini Hash Browns,

Veg Fingers, Garlic bread (4 pcs each item)


9inch                                                                                           £4.95  

12inch                                                                                         £8.95

Margherita (V)             Pepperoni                    Chicken Tikka

Burgers                                                                                        £6.95

All burgers are served with chips & salad garnish

Veggie Burger (V)                               Chicken Fillet Burger

Hot Chicken Zinger Burger                 Beef Burger

Panini                                                                                               £6.95             

All Panini’s are cooked with cheese, served with chips & salad garnish.


Cheese & Onion(V)       Chicken Tikka      Tuna Melt

Cheese & Tomato(V)     Pepperoni                

Deep Fried                                                                                          £6.95

All meals are served with chips & salad garnish.


Chicken Fillet Goujons (6)      Hot Chicken Zinger Strips (5)

Chicken Nuggets (6)               Fish Fingers (6)

Chicken Kebab (2)                  Mozzarella Sticks (6)


Jacket Potato  (approx 11oz)                                                               £6.95   

Served with, cheese, chips & salad garnish & choice of filling

Baked Beans              Tuna Mayo                  Chicken Tikka

Fish & Chips                                                                                         £7.95

Cod Fish Fillet  served with chips & salad garnish

Kids Meal                                                                                               £4.95

All meals are served with a choice of any 2 of the following sides:

Sweet Corn, Baked Beans, Mash, Chips.

Veggie Burger (V)       3 Chicken Nuggets     ½ kids Margarita pizza

Beef Burger                 3 Fish Fingers             1 Sausage

Chicken Burger                                  


Onions Rings (10)       £3.00   Chips                                       £3.75

Chips with Cheese      £4.50   Ziggy Fries                              £4.95

Garlic Bread (10)        £3.00   Curly Fries with Cheese         £4.95 

Curly Fries                   £4.50   Mini Hash browns,                 

Nachos with salsa       £4.50   cheese & chips                       £5.95

Salad bowl                  £3.00

Dips                                   £1.00

Spicy Mayo / Garlic Mayo / Garlic & Herb/ BBQ / Hot Chilli / Sweet Chilli / Burger Relish / Burger Sauce / Hot Peri Peri Sauce


Tea                                                                                                                               £1.50

Cappucino//Maccachino//Latte//Black Coffee//Hot Chocolate                                     £2.95

Water Bottle//Kids Milkshake//Juice Carton//Simply Fruity                                          £1.20

Jug of Juice                                                                                                                 £2.95                                          

Jug of Soft Drink                                                                                                          £3.75

Slush Puppy                                                                                                                 £3.95  

Soft Drink                                                                                                                     £1.70  

Ice Coffee                                                                                                                     £3.95

Milk Shakes                                                                                                                 £5.50

Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana, Mango, Oreo, Chocolate cookie

Smotties                                                                                                                      £5.50

Pash N Shoot Passion fruit, pineapple, papaya, mango & Coconut Milk

Berry Go Round Strawberry, Redcurrent, Raspberry, Blueberry & Blackberry

Blueberry Thrill Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry & Mango

Strawberry Split Strawberry, Banana, Mango

Food orders can take over 45 mins+ during busy times.

Mention your correct table number when placing food order.

All our food items may contain traces of allergens, especially Gluten, Soya, dairy, fish & nuts. For Allergen information please speak to a member of staff.

The play sessions are 2 hours only Including eating time.

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