Ninja Obsticle Course

Thrilling, fun and full of energy activity

Ninja Obsticle Course 

8 different challenging elements includes Stepping stones, Tic Tac Ninja run, Tight Rope Challenge, Angles Cargo Climber, Double Rope Swing, Hanging Cargo door with a cargo climb wall on crash mats, double rope and buoy challenge and an angled balance beam.

Operating Times:
All our activities are subject to height / age restrictions and availability and the management reserves the right to close an activity without prior notice. Rules of play apply.

Off Peak: 10.00 - 18.00
Peak : 10.00 – 18.00

Rules of Play

Standard Play Rules Apply

·         Take extra care – activities in this area provides superior height & a greater degree of difficulty & risk

·         Know your limits - Do not attempt any move beyond your own skill level

·         You should only use the equipment if you are capable and have the required skill set

·         Know your limits. Do not attempt to participate unless you have the skills to the required level

·         Be aware this activity can be tough on your hands as it involves climbing and rope based activities


·         If you cannot comfortably reach any of the equipment unassisted it is not suitable for your use. Do not attempt the activity


·         Participants must be a minimum of (5 years old)

·         Maximum weight restriction is (18 stone/ 114kg)


·         Stand behind the red line whilst waiting your turn

·         Start the activity where indicated navigating the obstacles along the green mats

o    Once you reach the end of the green mats return using the obstacles along the purple mats to the finish point

·         Only start at the beginning of the course (Green mat lane). Do not enter part way through or using the purple mat lane

·         Only one person at a time per lane

·         Do not go until the lane is clear

·         When the participant in front of you has completed the lane you can move onto the obstacles

·         Keep your distance away from other participants. Be aware they may attempt a maneuver or lose control

·         No running and jumping onto the equipment

·         Always remain in control. Be aware of how to bend your knees to control your landing

·         Always jump so you land on both feet at the same time. Never land with just one foot

·         Do not hang upside down on the equipment

·         No leaning, grabbing or climbing on the trusses/framework or padding

·         No swinging from the framework

·         please ensure you familiarise yourself with the activity rules prior to use

·         we do not provide or accept responsibility for the supervision of children. Parents / guardins must supervise children at all times

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